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iPhone 15 Price Predictions and Rumors

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September coming nearer so are the rumors heating up about the iPhone 15.  iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max were a great success and only old for some months, yet the rumors, predictions, and speculations about iPhone 15 are well underway. With still some months of the release, the more time passes there will be more and more rumors and predictions keep surfacing about the features, specifications, and price of the iPhone 15.

Apple puts its best in keeping the information about new phones hidden, but many manufacturers are involved in different segments of production so the information keeps slipping and leaking.  With iPhone just behind about a month and a half from its release, the rumors about iPhone 15 have overflown the dam, new information coming in every week and even daily at times.

iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Rumors and Speculations

We have made an endeavor to collect all the rumors and predictions about iPhone 15, keeping a check over all the stakeholders, and have compiled possible changes expected in the new release, With iPhone 15 set to launch in Fall this year nothing is final and the end product will only be fully known once Apple makes an official announcement. Here are some rumors you might be interested to know about iPhone 15:

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Number and Types of Models and Variants of iPhone 15

The first thing like always will be how many models will be there for iPhone 15. Apple always launches multiple models of the phone with each mainly varying in size, storage and camera, and batteries. iPhone 15 is expected to have four models just like iPhone 14. The predicted models are as follows:

  • 1” Standard iPhone 15 with Two Rear Cameras.
  • 7” iPhone 15 Plus with Two Rear Cameras.
  • 1” iPhone 15 Pro with Three Rear Cameras
  • 7” iPhone 15 Pro Max Periscope Type Telephoto Camera.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the first ever to feature a Periscope Type Telephoto camera. To enhance the photographic capabilities of the camera Apple is set to launch their new phone with an upgraded Telephoto lens with periscope technology.

The name of the new Pro Max may be changed and some new name is expected for it, rumors suggest that it may be “Ultra”, just like Apple named their watch as “Apple Watch Ultra”.

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USB-C Connector in iPhone 15

One of the biggest rumors about the iPhone 15 is that Apple may be discontinuing the lightning port that they are using for almost a decade now. USB-C is expected to replace the traditional lightning port of the iPhones.

Dynamic Island in iPhone 15

Apple has used a notch starting from the iPhone x to iPhone 14, and iPhone 14 Pro variants came with Dynamic Island. Exclusive for only iPhone 14 pro models, however, it is certain that the pro-only feature of Dynamic Island will be coming on all iPhone 15 models.

Programmable Action Button iPhone 15

Apple’s traditional action button has stayed reserved for the mute on and off function. With iPhone 15 coming in line, there had been a surge of rumors about the future of the Action button. In iPhone 15 the action button will do a lot more than mute on and off and it will be programmable to any function used desires and deems necessary. However, the programmable action button will only be exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro models.

Power and Volume Keys iPhone 15

Rumors about iPhone 15 started with the future of physical buttons for power and volume. It is expected that both the keys for volume and power are replacing with haptics. Though this rumor hasn’t got any attention and nothing major came over this. The mystery remains until Apple makes the official announcement.

 Thin Bezels and Titanium Curved Edges

Rumors about the prospects of the thinner bezel have been surfacing from time to time. With Dynamic Island the bezels will remain symmetrical. Rumors also suggest that iPhone 15 lineup just like the Mac book Pro lineup will have rounded edges and those curved edges will be made with titanium for better strength and durability.

Color Options

With all the bright color options rumors suggest that iPhone 15 may also come with dark pink and light blue colors. Metallic Silver, Black and Dark Grey are also rumored to be continued.

Price Predictions

Analysts suggest that the production cost of Apple’s iPhone 15 may see an increase expected to rise 12% from the last year, with the increase in production cost, rumors suggest that iPhone 15 lineup will be 15% more expensive than its predecessor. The expected prices for the new lineup are as follows:

  • iPhone 15 at $799
  • iPhone 15 Plus at $899
  • iPhone 15 Pro at $1099
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max at $1199

iPhone 15 Price

The more this year draws the September nearer the more we see the rumors about iPhone 15 surfacing. The fall of this year is highly anticipated for the new iPhone 15. So far Apple hasn’t confirmed nor denied any rumors and has left it to the speculations. Nothing is certain unless Apple makes an official statement.

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