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The Arc : Customizable and Personalized Browser Now Available

The Browser company believes that it should be the user who decides and controls his or her experience of web browsing, and the user should not be left at the mercy of the designer’s mindset. With this in mind, The Arc Browser, which is fully personalized and customizable, is now available.

The Arc Internet Enables Users To Customize Any Webpage

Web browsers other than Safari have offered the ability to customize their appearance with themes for a long time. Chrome and Firefox, for instance, allow users to modify the frame and buttons with personalized colors and other visual elements, making their browsing experience unique. The Browser Company’s Arc seeks to take this level of customization and apply it to web browsing.

Arc’s design philosophy involves remaining unobtrusive whenever possible. Customizing the browser window might not have a significant impact when the window itself isn’t always visible. Instead, Arc aims to extend the concept of theming to the websites that users frequently visit.

Integration Into Boost 2.0

With Boost 2.0, a part of the Arc browser, users can now customize the colors of elements on web pages and even set their preferred font. This feature goes beyond what some extensions offer, which usually just provide a dark mode for light mode websites.

With Arc, you can essentially become the web designer for your favorite sites, much like the days of MySpace when users could personalize their profiles to reflect their style, be it sleek or gaudy. Not familiar with MySpace? Well, trust me on this one. Unlike MySpace, Arc’s Boost feature doesn’t require any coding skills at all, making it easy for users to set themes for each website they visit.

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