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OpenAI Releases ChatGPT Android App in US, India, Brazil & Bangladesh

ChatGPT android update is now available for use in few of the countries which includes US, India, Brazil and Bangladesh. Android users for these countries can pre order the app from Google Play Store and it is expected to be released in other countries as well later in few weeks.

IOS users were getting benefit of using the app earlier as well however it’s been a major milestone for Android users to access OpenAI, as there are 3.3 billion Android OS users in the world as of 2023. Android has a 71.8% mobile operating systems’ market share globally so it will be a huge benefit for the users who were waiting for this release.

Innovation & User Friendliness – ChatGPT App.

With the release news of OpenAI, competition among chatbot leaders is high including Microsoft, Anthropic & Google. They are trying to build user friendly apps, visually searchable apps, and adding lucrative features for end users.

In the start of year Microsoft’s invested addition $10billion, making it biggest AI investment of the year and after the first quarter, it closed at $300 million share scale at a valuation between $27-29 billion.

Do you need a new account for OpenAI?

Users that are already using OpenAI, they will be able to see their past chat history and all related stuff if they login from their previous credentials in the android app as well. Free Sign Up and optional subscription for accessing extra options (ChatGPT-4) are also available. Old subscribers will be able to get their hands on ChatGPT plus feature with their existing subscriptions.

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